July/August 2015

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The Other Great Canyon
One year after the Slide Fire and the weeks and months of fretting over floods and mudslides, we return to the mostly intact and still amazing Oak Creek Canyon to celebrate all the things that make it one of northern Arizona’s important landmarks.

In Range

In Range
The House Across the Street
In celebration of the New Horizons mission this month, we feature a story written by Flagstaff author Margaret Erhart on her observations of “The House Across the Street,” a home near her own where Clyde Tombaugh—and later, another important astronomer—lived.


July/August Cover



Williams is a town experiencing a shot of culinary revival, and nothing is as revived as a former Denny’s on the edge of town turned into a new indie restaurant called Kicks, with all its 66 themes meshing traditional foods with gourmand fare.

bottle & spirits
With summer comes a great time for Zinfandels, and our resident wine expert gives us some great options from California’s Dry Creek Valley.

Gordon Rogowitz has been an under-the-radar local artist whose sculpture work and overall artistry and creativity is getting more attention.

On the Map
A local guide is working to get more women and families out on canyoneering trips in the Southwest. One of our contributors takes her up on the offer to rappel into a big adventure.

Recently, the film Jurassic World hit the theater as a continuation of the Jurassic Park film franchise. With dinosaurs back on the big screen, we take a look at the paleontological hotspots in northern Arizona.

With the height of summer here, we look at the health benefits of bicycling as a way to get exercise, save the environment and curb the stress.

A Flagstaff home has embraced the traditional Arts and Crafts style, but has incorporated the modern sensibilities of the “Not-So-Big-House” concept, creating a house that feels big but actually has a smaller footprint.

With the warm-weather season in full swing, we pick some of our favorite patio furniture and accessories to consider for the outdoor living space.


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