July/August 2015

Cover Story
Relax, Focus, Rejuvenate
In the modern, chatty, wired world, the idea of finding peace, disconnecting and reconnecting to our place, our moment and ourselves becomes more and more difficult. We talk to some experts and enumerate ways to improve our health and well-being by de-stressing and refocusing, namely through meditation.

In Range

In Range
Darkness on the Wing
With Halloween around the corner, we take a look at the often misunderstood raven. Biologist Liz Blaker digs deeper to share the intelligence and wonder of these bright birds with the dark plumage.


July/August Cover



Mariposa, a new restaurant in Sedona, has taken its cuisine to dizzying heights, while pairing it with one of the most ambient and scenic locations anyone can imagine. We tour this big new restaurant among the red rocks.

bottle & spirits
In recent years, winemakers have put extra emphasis on the art of the label. We look at some of the more striking images and the artist and story behind them.

One of the most anticipated art exhibits of the year is Fires of Change at Coconino Center for the Arts. We meet one of the local artists who is contributing to this interactive and immersive work about wildfire.

On the Map
Here in the early start of migratory season, it’s a good time to look at those special birding places. In Arizona, there are none quite as special as Madera Canyon, which deserves a special trip to the south to explore.

For another Halloween-themed feature, we look at the wonderful world of bats in Arizona, a state that has one of the highest diversities of bat species in the country.

We look at phobias, conquering fear and understanding the nature of being scared and how to overcome it in this Halloween-themed health story.

One Flagstaff home is all about being a zero—that is a net-neutral home that does not have a carbon footprint. We meet the builder and learn about what it takes to have a residence become a deeper shade of green.

We take a look at some decoration and furniture ideas for the home library.


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