August 2011


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The Art of Healing  FlipBook
In recent years, Flagstaff Medical Center and other health institutions and agencies have employed creativity in healing. We meet cancer patients who have turned to art forms such as photography and sculpture to explore and release their pain and sadness through personal expression.

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Forty Years of FlipBook
the Archdruid
Author John McPhee made waves with his 1971 book Encounters with the Archdruid. The archdruid in question was David Brower, who led the Sierra Club in a fight to stop dams in the Grand Canyon. Forty years after the book, we talk with the author about the book’s legacy.


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Here in the heat of the summer, we check in with a local business that has started serving up its own kind of gelato-style dessert and explore the wonders of ice cream and frozen treats.

by the bottle
We look at some of the favorite wines to finish out the summer, with a note to how acidity gives wine their liveliness.

Grand Canyon artist Bruce Aiken is getting the retrospective treatment with an incredible new exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona. We revisit the story of the artist and what makes his work so resonating.

We throw out some questions to Troupe Shuvani, a local belly dancing and Middle Eastern dance group. This local band of women has been showing their skills in Flagstaff.

Few things are as important to one’s health as their heart. We meet with local cardiologists and learn about all of the latest findings and advice when it comes to keeping the ticker ticking.

We pay a visit to an east-side Flagstaff home that features beautiful style and décor and a backyard that offers the best of two worlds. It also is on the Flagstaff Symphony Guild Home Tour this month.

Inside tips
With school starting this month, we take a second look at how to design and organized the childrens' bedrooms to be a great place to work, play, and, of course, get much needed rest.


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