January 2013

Cover Story
Sustainable Legacy  
We interview internationally renowned architect Paolo Soleri, who will be honored with a retrospective exhibit at Northern Arizona University. Soleri, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright and father of the movement known as Arcology, is one of the earliest advocates of thinking of ecology when designing.

In Range
In the Shadow of the Cliffs
We travel to Lees Ferry and Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, a remote place that brims with adventure. With the lower elevation bringing milder temperatures, it offers the perfect winter escape and a chance to reconnect with the pulsing, stunning heart of the plateau country.


January Cover



Josephine’s has grown in popularity during the winter months with its comfort foods and specials for the locals.

by the bottle
A relatively new winemaker out of Napa that is adept at blending wines has caught the attention of our wine expert.

Local artist Rayma Lee has perfected a rare technique of painting with wax. And her work captures natural scenes and mischievous ravens with a stunning aesthetic and poignancy.

We talk to the Grand Canyon Guitar Society about the ongoing success of their programs and the power of classical guitar.

Mind & Body
With this being the start of the new year and resolutions beginning, many new people will head to the gym. We’ll talk with local fitness trainers and health center directors about how to develop a meaningful and fruitful gym routine.

Home Distinctions
We pay a visit to an equestrian facility that is any horse lover’s dream.

With the cold wintertime and blustery days upon us, we look at the life of the ever-resourceful raven and talk about great places and ways to watch these curious birds.

With the snow and subfreezing temperatures that often come with the heart of the cold season, we ask our automotive expert for some thoughts on keeping the car running and doing well.




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