July 2014

Cover Story
The Tradition of the Hashknife  
The Babbitt Ranches Quarterhorses have become a coveted ranch horse that remains prized for its bloodline. We feature a story in photos of the famed “Hashknife” colt sale and its ongoing legacy.

Photo by Ralph Schmid

In Range
Cooling the Heels
We feature our lineup of favorite hikes that are cooler for elevation, vegetation, their proximity to water or—in one case—for heading underground. Even with Monsoon weather building, a chance to get out of the heat is always welcome.


July Cover



With summer in full bloom, we look at the art of salads—with a focus on the gourmet salads and gourmand wonders that fill out the menus at our local eateries. This includes the meatier, heartier options out there.

BOTTLE & Spirits
We look at some of the best margaritas being made out there and pin down a few secrets for this beloved Mexican concoction.

ART seen
We meet Mack Davis, a glass artist who found the medium recently and has since made hundreds of pieces of transparent artistic wonder.

The advent of Barley Rhymes at Hops on Birch has become its own kind of new literary event in town. Different than poetry slam, Barley Rhymes focuses on the power of recitation of original and established poetry to make for a profound and intriguing evening.

One of the big challenges of improving health comes with the need to find motivation. What is motivation, exactly? How do with find it? What is it that keeps us from finding drive to change?

With July here, we explore what the Monsoon season really is, what creates a strong and powerful Monsoon and what we can expect to be different this year. And we also learn about how important the Monsoon is to our local ecosystem.

HOMEs and space
We take a look at a home at Equestrian Estates that is elegant, spacious and one of the great gems of the famed home development.

Decor and more
We check out great furniture, fixtures and decorating ideas for the children’s bedroom. With summer here and school around the corner, we look at fun approaches to what should be the most playful room in the house.




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