June 2014

Cover Story
Big Top Ambitions  
The Flagstaff-based performance troupe known as Circus Bacchus continues to grow, expand and develop its talent. This year, the group has found its own performance space and is hosting workshops and other educational opportunities.

Photo by Ralph Schmid

In Range
Life in the Perennial
Biologist Elizabeth Blaker gives an intimate and stirring portrait of the way life in the high desert turns prolific around the small springs and seasonal waters. As we struggle with drought and the gap between the warm days of summer and Monsoon moisture, we look at what role these watery places play and their ecosystems.


June Cover



Flagstaff has grown to be a culinary scene that caters well to vegetarians. From some places such as Morning Glory Café, Macy’s European Coffee House and the new Red Curry Kitchen that cater specifically to the diet to growing vegetarian selections at some fine dining restaurants, the options are expanding.

BOTTLE & Spirits
We visit the upscale bar Annex, which has been pushing the notion of mixology with its drinks. Their first big foray into signature drinks came with their take on the shandy, a summertime favorite.

ART seen
A local custom jeweler Charlotte Reichman has recently made a name for herself and her jewelry company Norbu Designs. Her work has been featured as a gift-bag specialty for guests of the MTV Movie Awards.

We talk to the Flagstaff Arts Council about their work to bring top talent to Heritage Square this summer.

We talk to a local physical therapist and a pedestrian advocate about the importance and benefits of walking as exercise. In the warm-weather season, it’s a great time to get back in stride.

Our nearby mountains are home to a rare plant known as the San Francisco Peaks Groundsel. This simple flower is one that has evolved to its environment, and it speaks of the rarity of having alpine tundra in a desert state.

HOMEs and space
The neighborhood west of downtown Flagstaff is a gem, with blocks of historic bungalows and great remodels. Among them is a residence on Bonito which recently received a notable facelift.

Decor and more
We look at some of the products, design ideas and other thoughts for creating a bar or cellar space in the home.




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