November 2012

Cover Story
In Search of Voice  
Terry Tempest Williams shares her thoughts on voice—in writing, in art and in simply being human. We also name Williams’ new book our favorite of the year and honor one of the most celebrated of Southwest writers.

In Range
Business (Not) as Usual
This month, we feature businesses that are new or have adapted to a new approach as we celebrate enterprising endeavors in our community. Among the featured enterprises are medical company on the verge of a big leap, a bicycle rental company doing great things at the Grand Canyon and a wood salvage company that’s making lumber local again.


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For more than three decades, Flagstaff has been home to Mamma Luisa, a tucked-away Italian restaurant that continues to draw people for its down-home style food and goodness. With this being a month about eating with family, we learn more about the Italian food tradition.

by the bottle
With the many flavors and dishes of Thanksgiving, our wine expert helps us to navigate the interesting pairings that can come about during the big eating holiday.

With the first Tuesday of this month being the big presidential election day, local artist David B. Harton shares his thoughts on his politically evocative work.

We talk to the main organizer of Hot Topics Café, and learn about how this program has become a popular way to talk about issues locally and beyond.

Mind & Body
We visit a local holistic practitioner about different thoughts on how to live a longer, healthier life. What are the simple things we can do to make a difference?

Home Distinctions
Two Flagstaff residents worked together with builders and designers to create a stunning home north of town, at the edge where wild and urban meet, to create an inspired, sustainable home that is an award-winner.

Inside Tips
We list some favorite new kitchen products to consider ahead of the big Thanksgiving Day holiday and Christmas season.




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