November 2014

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Leaders on the Rise
We profile Flagstaff’s younger or up-and-coming community leaders who are working to create a dynamic and engaged town. From leaders in arts to environment to culture, we look at the people on track to make a difference. Eric Wolverton, Dre Aduato, Alicyn Gitlin, Karna Otten and Joanie Grant.

Photo by Ralph Schmid

In Range
Sedona in a Day
Late fall often serves as one of the most perfect times to travel to Sedona. Temperate climate, lighter traffic and ongoing access to great trails and natural areas make it a hard place to beat in November. Here are a few suggestions for hikes, attractions, dining and more.


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The Dish
Flagstaff is getting one of its first rightful delicatessens downtown with Proper Meats, a purveyor that looks to up the ante on perfect cuts and bring the art of the hometown butcher to Flagstaff.

Thanksgiving and its gathering of family, friends and loved ones makes it the perfect time to share a bottle of wine. Our resident wine expert offers his thoughts on favorites for this time of year and for the most famous of traditional American meals.

After a hiatus from the work she loved, Melanie Street has jumped into jewelry making with love and flair. We learn more about her work and her passion to create wearable art and work with silver and gold.

The Northern Arizona University International Film Series is bringing the director of the animated film Persepolis. We take a closer look at that film and the other strong titles that remain on the film series lineup for the semester.

Given that the big holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas is upon us, we talk to a local counselor about some ways to mend fences and improve relationships with our extended family members.

With Sedona being a late-autumn draw, as well as the interior of the Grand Canyon and other places of red-rock outcrops, we look at what makes the red rocks so stunning and such a draw to our eye.

A new sustainable home is on the scene and it has some new concepts and approaches to what it means to be sustainable. We take the tour and get all the details.

When the holidays arrive, it also means time to rethink the spare bedroom that might host guests for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We get a few ideas from a local designer.


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