September 2012

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The Canyons Calling  FlipBook
In northern Arizona, we are blessed with all manner of gorgeous canyons. We share an ode to the gorges and get some thoughts from a seasoned canyoneer about what makes these stony passages so special.

In Range
Getting Elemental FlipBook
We create a list of favorite hikes as determined by the elements: wind, fire, earth and water. It’s a great reminder of how the elements influence our natural world and is a nod to the upcoming Flagstaff Festival of Science.


September Cover



During the last several years, we have sampled some serious calories with a number of desserts. This month, we feature a roundup of our favorite classic desserts done up right by local restaurants.

by the bottle
Our resident wine expert talks about a winery in Napa run by a family with a 627-year wine history.

The work of Flagstaff resident and painter Kathryn Willis shows her mastery with the canvas and her ability to capture a sense of place.

How Flagstaff’s Pickin’ in the Pines remains a perennial favorite and how traditional music keeps rolling on.

Mind & Body
We talk with some local doctors and health care providers about how the simple, pure form of walking can help get the body the exercise it needs while also helping with mental health.

Home Distinctions
This month, step inside one of Flagstaff’s historic homes, which will be featured as part of a special home tour this month.

Inside Tips
We talk to a local designer about three tips for picking the color for painting a room before going out and spending dollars on the paint. What are the biggest mistakes, and how are they avoided?




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