April 2013

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Getting Out There  
By the time the final days of wintertime fall behind us, we’ll have endured one of the worst cold snaps in more than 20 years, will have stumbled our way along icy walkways and will have been buried in snow. Now, with April here, a chance to plot some fair-weather adventures is under way for a spring outdoors guide. From hikes to bikes to paddle and camping destinations, we pull together our list of favorites and some of the lesser explored avenues.

In Range
Pining for the Ponderosas
Wally Covington, director of the Ecological Restoration Institute, shares his thoughts and ruminations on the ponderosa pine forests that encircle our mountain town and stretch for miles upon miles along the Mogollon Rim and around the edges of the Grand Canyon.


April Cover



MartAnne’s Burrito Palace has now achieved more palatial proportions in its newer location. And, along with the expansion has come an expanding menu to help solidify MartAnne’s as an ultimate locals’ favorite.

by the bottle
Our wine expert shares a four favorite wines he’s tasted recently that had him at just one sip. Wine lovers, get ready to rejoice with these great picks.

Photographer Greg Brown has made incredible art with his aerial photography, which has received exhibition treatment at Northern Arizona University.

The last production of the Northern Arizona University Theatre this season is Pride and Prejudice, a stage production of the Jane Austen novel that’s celebrating its 200th anniversary. We talk to the director about the milestone.

Mind & Body
An eye-care professional shares his thoughts about eye health, speaking specifically about the need for sunglasses, the challenges of aridity and oxygen at altitude and other recommendations for keeping these sensory organs healthy.

Home Distinctions
We take a month to step outside of our usual residential coverage to feature a home located in the Village of Oak Creek that was one of the first built in the community.

With the warm weather arriving, there are great hikes and explorations in slickrock country. We ruminate about the fascination with sandstone and some of their favorite places to explore it.

With tax refund season in play, some people have their eyes on a new car. Our automotive expert offers some thoughts about what to look for with new vehicles and what to think about in terms of financing.




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