April 2014

Cover Story
Rapid Reactions  
We asked a handful of local river-running photographers to share with us some of their best images and the story behind them as we gear up for river-running, hiking and the outdoor season. Featuring David Edwards, James Q. Martin, Catherine Ryan and Duwain Whitis.

Photo by Ralph Schmid

In Range
No Walk in the Park
Essayist and author Michael Engelhard shares his experiences of hiking and exploring the Grand Canyon’s inner reaches on the north side of the river. The effort came during the eerie time of the government shutdown that brought an odd vibe to the adventure.


April Cover



With Easter this month, we take a look at the wonder of the egg, a versatile food that turns up in many dishes. We talk to some local chefs about their favorite egg recipes and what makes this famed protein so popular.

BOTTLE & Spirits
With St. Patrick’s Day this month, we share our list of some great beers making the grade from our local microbreweries—a few for starters.

ART seen
Flagstaff artist Gina Richmann is known for her ability to take on a wide variety of media, from textiles to paintings to murals. And her one-of-a-kind scarves are a favorite gift choice.

As spring emerges, we slowly move our way toward more live music and soon the start of—dare we say—shows on the patio. With this in mind, we share a list of five favorite local bands or singer-songwriters to follow and check out.

In the last year, the concept of grain brain and the addition of carbohydrates has become yet another national discussion of diet and food. But how does it stack up with other trends over the years, such as the Adkins diet and others? We talk to a local dietician to learn more.

As the warmer weather arrives, it also brings out the snakes. While sometimes vilified and often feared, the rattlesnakes of Arizona—such as the Grand Canyon Rattlesnake—are fascinating animals.

HOMEs and space
In Williams, a famed historic home has been locally known as “The Yellow House.” And in recent years it has received a nice makeover by its current owners, who fixed up the place but kept the historic charms.

Decor and more
With spring closing in, we look at some great patio furniture, lighting, heating and décor ideas to consider.




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