January 2014

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On the Abbey Road  
It was 25 years ago this year that Edward Abbey passed away in his southern Arizona home, but not before changing the world of environmentalism by suggesting the notion of monkey-wrenching. He also was beloved for being a poet-barbarian desert rat. How important is his legacy now?

Photo by Ralph Schmid

In Range
Verve of the Verde
In the last decade, Old Town Cottonwood has joined Jerome in becoming a fun destination. We look at the upgrades there, as well as present a guide to all the great attractions and locales in the Verde Valley—a warm day or weekend trip for the winter blues.


January Cover



The Twin Arrows Casino is pushing some culinary boundaries by adding both a steakhouse we featured a few months ago and a seafood bar. The Reef is bringing creative and fun seafaring options to the table.

BOTTLE & Spirits
We share three favorite warm cocktails to consider when the snow falls and the cold wind blows. And we share our favorite places to try each of these drinks out.

ART seen
We examine four works of art that exemplify some of the best in Flagstaff and northern Arizona artists, including Shonto Begay, Jetsonorama, Dan Lutzick and Shawn Skabelund.

The Theatrikos Theatre Company is launching a new year of main stage shows that look to both delight and move audiences. We talk to the president of Theatrikos about this year’s lineup and what we can look forward to.

In recent months, a new focus has come on the idea of nostalgia. It used to be that overly ruminating on the past was not considered good practice. Now, there’s more of an interest in nostalgia being a useful mental exercise and an important tool to growth.

While northern Arizona is not home to the famed cactus, a day trip to the south can put anyone in touch with these magnificent forms. We meditate on the wonders of the saguaro and some places to see and walk among them.

HOMEs and space
Not far from downtown is a remodeled home that is a Flagstaff great. We take a tour of this place this is both in the forest and on the fringes of the town center.

Decor and more
With the holidays behind us (and all that trash to boot), we look at some great ways to recycle old objects and repurpose them in the home.




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