March 2013

Cover Story
The Women & the Word  
Author Mary Sojourner talks with Flagstaff scribes Monica Brown, Nicole Walker, Margie Erhart and Ann Cummins about their work and their rare and important voices in the literary world.

In Range
Into Canyon, Time & Silence
As we enter the days of spring, river runners begin to turn their thoughts to the Grand Canyon and rapids therein. But geologist Ivo Lucchitta speaks of a different way of thinking of the canyon and of the river being secondary to the glory of the gorge..


March Cover



Fat Olives is a newer Italian restaurant in town that helps elevate pizza to the gourmand while serving it up in a casual and fun atmosphere.

by the bottle
Our wine expert explains the presence of tannins in wines and what foods pair best with tannic wines.

Sally Evans has turned assemblage into a work of art with a series of altars and shadowboxes she has created and sold.

We interview Paul Helford and Paul Donnelly from the Northern Arizona University College of Arts and Letters Film Series. The second half of the series this spring semester is a curious lineup of films by modern auteurs with a theme of the unconventional family.

Mind & Body
In the last few years, fitness boot camps have grown in popularity. We meet with a local woman’s camp to learn more about how the boot camps work and their appeal.

Home Distinctions
We tour an on-the-golf-course home in Continental that also has been expanded and remodeled in an exemplary way.

With the spring carrying a promise of greenery, we learn about the botany, culture and relevance of sage, a common desert shrub with its own kind of power and aura.

With the potential for road trips arriving in the spring, our automotive expert shares thoughts on how to have the car ready for the long trips and some extra things to pack to help deal with any bumps in the road.




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